Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Chain Link Mosaic

They're still looking for a new home. See my Ravelry page for details

Another mosaic pair

In the end they ended up with me.... they didn't find a new home and a pair of mine went to holes for the second time.

See my Ravelry page

Scraps for Marco

Pair No 14 for 2017

See my Ravelry page for more info.

Stripey Socks for Di

Another good pair made up of various leftovers.
See my Ravelry page

Scap socks for myself

Unfortunately, the yellow yarn is a local NZ yarn but it is really terrible for socks. Weak and not enough twist and it's very rough. See my Ravelry page

Shelley's Socks

Our new neightbour wears double layer of socks... hopefully these pure wool ones might be good for him. Check out my Ravelry page

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Socks for Laura's Mother

Laura and Actor have been cycling (pushbike) around the world and have been many places including the silk route.

We found a place for Laura to stay (with a friend in Wellington)  for a couple of months whilst she wrote more of her travel book.

When Aitor's family came to visit they brought with them a gift basket for me from Laura's mother. When Laura paid us her final visit she and I selected a pair of socks for her mother and Aitor's family took them to Madrid for her before head back to Basque country.

Cool how travelling broadens your experience of the world....

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